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When opening the doForms app on a mobile device, the first screen view shows the Main Menu. This provides main functions, such as opening forms, edit and review them, send, retrieve and viewing dispatched forms as well as setting configurations, making updates by synchronizing the mobile device with the doForms website account and, of course, exiting the app.

The Forms button provides access to all the forms that have been assigned to the device. Tap the Forms button. Then scroll the list of forms and select the desired one. This will open the form.

Note that forms can be organized into projects. You can navigate these by clicking the Projects button in the Main Menu.

Once the form has been selected, a new screen will display the form in Form View. Form View allows you to see multiple questions on a page.

Simply tap on any question to enter data.

Forms can be organized into pages. Tap the page icon to navigate through the form.

Form View also has a menu that you can open or close by tapping the menu icon.

You can toggle to one-question-at-a-time mode by clicking the Question View button.

Question view displays the question one by one in a sequential. Navigate questions by swiping the screen, or by using the arrows. 

Click the menu icon to show or hide the Question View menu. This menu provides several functions that can make filling out the form easier.

Use the Remember button to set a default answer for future instances of the form in use. This means that the next time you open a blank form, the question will already be answered with the prior value. This option can be reset with the Clear Answer button.

You can return to Form View at any time by pressing the button.

Use the Save Form button at key points to save your work. doForms also performs a periodic “auto-save” for unexpected situations like a sudden malfunction of the mobile device. 

When you are done filling out the form, click the Exit Form button. A dialog box will open that prompts you to save the form as Complete, Incomplete or Exit without saving. Note that only forms that are saved as Complete may be submitted. All “required” questions must be filled out before saving a form as complete (but not as incomplete). 

After exiting the form, the screen will immediately switch back to Main Menu.

In order to access previously saved forms and review or edit them, tap the Review button. The review page will provide a tab for forms that are saved as Incomplete or Complete and Send. The Send tab is useful if instead of starting a new form each time, you wish to start with a previously complete form and just edit some of its entries.

The Send button is used to submit completed forms to the doForms website. Note that the Send page has two tabs, one for selecting Completed forms and sending them, the other for viewing “Pending” forms. These are forms that doForms was unable to send because of no Internet connection. doForms will automatically keep trying to send these pending forms until successfully received by the website.

Use the Jobs button to browse and open any forms that have been dispatched to your mobile devices. The number shown in between the brackets represents the number of pending jobs. These forms generally have some of the questions filled out for you. For example, if a job is a work order, the customer name, address and tasks to do will usually be filled out. [The Jobs function is available with Dispatch accounts only.]

The Retrieve button can be used to fetch previously submitted data from the website. You can use this to access and edit data submitted by other mobile users. The retrieve function requires an Internet connection. [The Retrieve function is available with Dispatch accounts only.]

By pressing the Update button, the doForms app will check for any new (blank) forms that have been created and added to your account. (An Internet connection is necessary). doForms also updates its forms every time the app is started. 

Click the Notice bar at the bottom of the page to display a current alert published by your company's doForms administrator, or click the Notices button in the main menu bar to display all notices.

The Settings button gives access to doForms configurations, from where the user can customize the look and behavior of doForms. For example, there is a setting that controls if the app will automatically update the forms upon startup. Note that settings can also be controlled remotely by your doForms Administrator. 

Finally, on Android devices, the Exit button does precisely that: by pressing it, you will exit the doForms app. Note that this button is the only difference between the doForms Android and iOS mobile app user interfaces (you will see it in the Android app, but not in the iOS app). In iOS, the doForms app will shut down only when the device is turned off.

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