IMPORTANT: The Project tab is available to doForms users with Manage and Admin privileges only. Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the page to save any changes.


The Projects tab is the place where you manage projects and forms. Your doForms database is organized by “Projects” which in turn contain the “Forms”. Note that the forms contain and organize the data and any form may be listed under multiple projects (See Understanding Forms, Projects and Mobile Units). 

The rows in the Projects tab represent the forms. The first column provides the form name (you can sort the table alphabetically by clicking this column heading).  The remaining columns represent the projects, starting with the “Main Project”.

Main Project

Your doForms account starts out with one “Main Project” which provides you with useful forms. The Main Project is a little bit different than all other projects in that by default it is subscribed out to all mobile units. So, if you create forms which you want to deploy to all mobile units, adding them to the Main Project in the Projects tab is an easy way to do so. Other projects that you create must be explicitly subscribed out to mobile units using the Mobile Units tab. Don’t worry, we will explain all this in the Mobile Units section. For now, let’s learn more about the Projects tab.

Default Project

Projects in the mobile app are ordered alpha-numerically and the first project is the  "Default Project" (i.e. the one selected when the doForms app starts).   So to set a default project, just make its name the first in the alpha-numeric ordered list.  Alternatively, you can use a special character (e.g., ">") to make a project the first in the list (and the default).  Be sure to consider ahead of time that different projects can be assigned to different mobile devices.  So different mobile devices can have different default projects.


Displays a filter function that allows you to search for specific form names.

Column Menu

Let’s start with learning how to manage projects using the Column Menu. A close cousin of the Row Menu, it provides the following options:

Add project – To add a new project column, select Add project from the Column Menu. A new empty column will be added. The new project will be titled “Project 1, 2, 3 etc.” You can change this name as described below.

Rename – To rename a project column, select Rename from the Column Menu.  Type a new project name over the old one. Press Submit when done; otherwise, press Cancel. Note that this function may not be applied to the Main Project.

Delete – To delete a project column, select Delete from the Column Menu. A message will be displayed asking you to confirm the delete. Click the OK button to permanently delete the project column; otherwise, press Cancel. Note that this function may not be applied to the Main Project.

Select all forms – Use Select all forms from the Column Menu to select all forms for inclusion in the project column. If all the forms are selected, this Column Menu option changes to Deselect all forms which can be used accordingly.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to click Save to save any changes.

Row Menu

Next, let’s learn how to manage forms using the Row Menu. When you author a form in the Form Builder and “Save as… Published”, the published form resides in your doForms account. But it is not “deployed” until you add it to a project. At that point it is automatically deployed to the mobile units that subscribe to that project. We will show you how to assign projects to your mobile units in the next section. First, we need to show you how to add the form to a project.

Add form – To add a new form row, select Add form in the Row Menu. Then select a form from the list of Published forms in your account (see below). Then click Add form; otherwise, press Cancel.


Remove – To remove a form, select Remove in the Row Menu. A message will be displayed asking you to confirm the remove. Click the OK; otherwise, press Cancel. Note that removing a form from the Projects tab does not delete it from your doForms account. You can always add it back later (see the Build Forms section for instructions on how to permanently delete forms from your doForms account).

Select all projects – Use Select all projects in the Row Menu to include this form in all project columns. If all the projects are selected, this Row Menu option changes to Deselect all projects which can be used accordingly.

IMPORTANT: If a form is listed and the project is not checked AND if the data table contains data, then it will be listed in the View Data and Dispatch tabs. This will allow you to see/use the data on the website without mobile users seeing the form in the project. If a form is listed and the project is checked, then the form will always be listed in the View Data and Dispatch tabs – whether or not there is data in the table.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to click Save to save any changes. 

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