A Questionnaire is a table format “container” for score, choose-one, or select multiple question types. You can use this container to display the questions in a tabular format, as illustrated below, when in Page View. The question captions are listed in the first column of the table. The answer values comprise the column headings.


To set up the Questionnaire in your form, simply drag and drop the “Questionnaire” widget into the desired location in the question canvas, as illustrated below. Then drag and drop up the score, choose-one, or select multiple questions into the Questionnaire. You can use the “Equally Spaced Columns” property to make columns of equal width, as shown above. Otherwise, the column width will be controlled by the length of the caption text of the question answers (i.e., the “The answer name as presented to the user” property of each answer option).

A very useful trick when creating a Questionnaire is to use, after adding the first question, the “Duplicate” button to create the other questions. This saves you from having to redo all the answers (which have to be exactly the same). You only need to change the “Caption” property of each question. This technique will save time and reduce errors.


  • You may NOT mix question types in a questionnaire container. The questions need to be all of the same type (score, choose-one or select multiple). 
  • The answer options MUST be exactly the same for all the questions. This includes “The answer name as presented to the user” and “Underlying value” properties.
  • Questionnaires can have up to 10 columns, but an unlimited number of rows. 

Questionnaires have the following special properties

Questionnaire Label - Caption text for the questionnaire container. The maximum number of characters is 500, including spaces.

Data name - Represents the name of the data that will be displayed in column headings. This property is automatically filled in based on the Caption Text, but may be modified in the properties area. We recommend one or two word data names to keep column headings short. The maximum number of characters is 30. Spaces are not permitted in the Data Name field. 

Equally space columns – Specifies if columns will be evenly spaced (if checked) or of varying widths (if unchecked). In the above illustration, the columns are equally spaced. The width of varying width columns will be determined by the length of the answer caption text.

Fit to screen width - Check if you wish to fit all the columns inside the width of the screen. In certain cases this will not be possible and this setting will be ignored.

Append comment field – Use this option to append a text field as the last right-hand column in the questionnaire container. The text field is generally used for typing comments related to the question.

Advanced - Clicking on the Advanced arrow will reveal “Relevance conditions” properties that can be used of further control the behavior of your form using sophisticated logical statements. Please refer to for more information on these properties.

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