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Page Breaks are used to organize long forms into pages that can be easily navigated in “Form View" [on tablet devices only]. To insert a page break into your form, simply drag it where you want the page to begin (including at the top of your form to delineate the first page). Page Breaks have the following special properties:

Page name – Used to specify a short text string that will be displayed as a page name in the page navigation bar at the bottom of Page View. If a page name is not specified, then sequential numbers will be used for navigation in the page navigation bar at the bottom of Page View.

Automatically return to form view at the end of page in mobile app – Selecting this option will automatically return doForms to Form View when the user completes the last question on the page in Question View. This option is handy for letting users review their work after completing the page.

Display page break in Web App - Use this option to display page brakes in the Web App.  Otherwise, all the questions will be visible with no page breaks to organize them.

Expand page in Web App – This option causes the page break to be automatically expanded in the Web App. This is useful in short forms if you want all the questions to be visible when the form is opened. 

The illustration below shows a form that has been organized into five pages (Main, Time, Score1, Score2, Email). Score2 is the page currently being shown. Within a page, you can navigate Form View by swiping the screen vertically. To navigate between pages in Form View, swipe the screen horizontally, or tap on the page bar at the bottom of the Form View screen.

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