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doForms provides the ability to control most aspects of the mobile app user interface (UI);  including company logo, form icons, menu bar layout, background and text colors, and more.   This allows you to create a mobile app UI that is specific to your own business applications, like the one illustrated below.  See the section on Mobile App User Interface Customization for a complete description of customization options.

An important element of UI customization is what icons are displayed to represent  different forms, as well as the text displayed under under the icons.  These are controlled in Build Forms> Options> Form Icon for each form.  To change the form icon settings:

  • Open the desired form in the Build Forms tab (you can use the Open or open Special buttons)
  • Click on the Options menu
  • Select Form Icon

In the example below, we have opened a form named "13 ROI Calculator 1.0".  Note the simple "Standard Icon" that is assigned as default to new each from (this is what we will change).  Also, note that the default text under the icon is the same as the form name (we will change this as well).

You can use the standard icon, upload a  custom icon, or select an icon from our library. 

To upload a custom icon, click the Upload Custom Icon option, then browse for the desired icon on your computer.  Note that form icon images must be EXACTLY 187 pixel wide and 250 pixels tall. File format can be JPG, JPEG, PNG, or GIF (PNG or GIF with transparent background are best). In the example below we have uploaded a blue microscope icon. 

To change the text under the icon, simply edit the displayed text.  Icon text must be equal to or less than 30 characters.  In the example below we have changed the icon text to simply "ROI".

doForms also provides an Icon library that you can access by clicking the Select Icon button.  Scroll through the library and select and icon that best represents the purpose of your form.  Click Save when done.


After you are done with your changes, you will need to update the form.  If you used the Open button to open the form, then use the Publish button to save your changes.  If you used the open Special button to open the form, then use the Save button. After you do this, your mobile units will receive the UI changes the next time an Update function is performed on a device.

TIP:  If you wish to control the order in which Form Icons are displayed in the mobile app UI, you can do this with clever assignment of form names.  Forms are always ordered alpha-numerically by their form names when displayed in the UI.  A simple trick is to use a number prefix with each form name to control the order (in the example above the number prefix "13" is used).  Number prefixes my not be desirable in the text under the icon, but you can this text as described above (to simply "ROI" in the example above).  Remember - its the form name that controls the icon order placement, not the text under the icon (which can be anything you choose).

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