03-16-15 Email Report Widget Changes


We are pleased to announce the release of website version 2.9.9.  With this release format settings for PDF and Excel Reports can now be controlled in two different ways:

  1. Via Report Settings in the Email Report function that is included in a form.  These reports are generated when a form is completed on the mobile app and received by the website, or
  2. Via Report Settings in the View Data or Dispatch tabs in the website.  These reports are generated from either the Row menu or Data menu in these website tabs.

See here for the full article

IMPORTANT:  Existing forms will continue to use the old report settings scheme.  However, if an existing form containing an Email Report function is modified in any way AFTER the release of website version 2.9.9 on March 16, 2015, then going-forward this form will use the Report Settings accessed from the function.  So please be sure to adjust these settings as desired when updating forms ... see how

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