How to download and install doForms in BlueStacks on a Windows PC or Tablet


There are three parts to this.

First, download and install the BlueStacks App Player onto your Windows PC or Tablet:

Second, install the special doForms BlueStacks-Android file onto your Windows PC or Tablet:  

  • From the web browser on your PC or Mac go to and open this page.
  • Click the latest version of the BlueStacks-Android file.
  • Download and save the file to your desktop.

Finally, install the doForms Android file in the BlueStacks App Player:

  • Locate the doForms BlueStacks Android file that you downloaded to your desktop and double click or open it.  doForms will now be installed inside the BlueStacks App Player.
  • To start the doForms app, open the BlueStacks App Player and tap the doForms icon.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

Important Notes:

  • At this time the BlueStacks App Player is NOT an officially tested or supported solution.  We do not provide technical support for the BlueStacks App Player.
  • Certain parts of the doForms Android app may, or may not, operate properly inside the BlueStacks App Player.  This will depend on what model of Windows PC or Tablet you are using.  These functions include the doForms GPS, camera, barcode and NFC.
  • The BlueStacks App Player does not work on any version of Windows Phone or Microsoft Surface Tablets (it does work on Surface Pro Tablets).


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