How to download and install the iOS app from the doForms website


Start by deleting the current version of the doForms app from your device (if you have one).  Do this by pressing (tap and hold) the doForms icon, then tap the “X” symbol.

  • From the web browser on your device go to and open this page.
  • Tap the desired version of the iPhone or iPad app and select Install.  
  • Tap the doForms app icon and select Trust.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

Note that iOS apps manually installed per the instructions above are not updated automatically through the normal App Store update process.  In order to update, you will need to uninstall, then reinstall the app following the instructions above.

Also note that if at some point you want to switch to using the doForms app downloaded from the App Store, then you MUST first uninstall the doForms app downloaded from our website.

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