12-01-14 Version 3.1 with Expanded Mobile App UI Customization


We are very pleased to announce the release of doForms Version 3.1 for Android and iOS.  This release includes a number of performance and layout improvements, including:

  • Expanded mobile app UI customization options
  • New “Company Notices” format
  • Expanded auto-number functionality
  • New barcode and NFC parsing options
  • Lots of other improvements

Expanded Mobile App UI Customization

By far the most significant development in 3.1 is the ability to control most aspects of the mobile app user interface (UI); including company logo, form icons, menu bar layout, background and text colors and more.   This allows you to create your own mobile app UI that is specific to your own business applications, like the one illustrated on the right below.  Note the color changes.  Note how the “Projects” button has been replaced with an “Industry” button.  Note how the standard doForms forms icons have been replaced with custom icons and titles.  And don’t forget to add your own title graphic logo.

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New “Company Notices” Format

Note the new Company Notices alert bar at the bottom of the customized UI shown below.  This is an update of the old “pop-up” notice format in prior versions.  The new format is designed to display near real time alerts.  Tap on this alert bar to display the full text of the notice, as well as an optional HTML link to even more information.  Once read, a notice can be “dismissed” (see below).

Company Notices are created and managed in your mydoforms website by going to Manage > Account > Company Notices.  From there you can create a notice, set an expiry date, and specify if it will be displayed in mobile device and/or your mydoforms website.

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Expanded Auto-Number Functionality

With Version 3.1 we have added a new "As Received" auto-number type.  doForms generates these numbers based on a first-come first-serve basis as incoming data records are received by your mydoforms website.  The "As Received" type can have a "Start Value" that determines the start of the integer sequence and a "Prefix" which is appended to the beginning of the number value.  All forms in the account that have the same Prefix will share the same auto-number sequence.  For example: a company has multiple versions of an invoice form, each for special purposes, but wants all the invoice forms to share a single numbering sequence.

Read more about the Auto-number widget 

New Barcode and NFC Parsing Options

In Android V3.1 we added the ability to “parse” the returned barcode into multiple data fields and assign them as “destination” fields to other widgets.  In the example below, an automotive barcode is being parsed into make, model and year components and each value is assigned to corresponding answer fields.  Note that this parsing functionality was also added to the NFC widget.  Equivalent functionality will be added to iOS early next year.

Read more about the Barcode widget
Read more about the NFC widget

Other 3.1 Improvements

Android V3.1 and iOS V3.1 also include changes in how doForms handles menu functions and pages.  We replaced the old “page navigation bar” with simple Page and Menu icons at the top of the screen.  This change frees up a larger portion of the screen for displaying the form.  It also has the side benefit of speeding up Form View.  The old page slider bar is still available by going to the doForms app Settings and checking the “Form View Menu” option.

Additional improvements include

  • A new “Send data over wifi only” setting*
  • Additional sketching functions in the Web App
  • Improved GPS tracking functionality
  • Additional ”Number of lines” property in the Text widget*
  • Additional relevance options in the Action widget
  • Support for Italian and Greek* languages

*  Android only.  Available in iOS in Q1 of next year.

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