07-08-14 Android Version 3.0 Release


We are very pleased to announce the release of doForms version 3.0 for Android now available on the Play Store.

Version 3.0 provides a new user interface as well as several new widgets and functions (auto-numbering, variable length tables, variable repeatables, choose-one dropdown and more).

The new user interface allows you to enter data directly in “Form View”. But you also have the option of using the one-question-at-a-time “Question View” that some users prefer on small screen devices. The new Form View interface includes a new “Next” button in the lower-left corner of the screen which you can use to advance to the next question with minimal screen taps.

The new “Auto-number widget” can be used to automatically create integer numbers in an ascending order. These would be typically used as reference numbers (such as Invoice Numbers) – see http://support.doforms.com/hc/en-us/articles/201489314-Auto-number for details.

Variable length repeatables allow to display a variable number of repeatable loops (up to the max repeats). The number of repeats is an integer value from a previous question in the form. You can similarly, variable length tables allow you to specify the length of a table. These new properties allow you to better control the format of Repeatable and Table container widgets.

The new “Show as simple dropdown” property allows you create dropdown lists directly with a Choose-one widget without the need for uploading lookup tables.

Version 3.0 is designed to be compatible with previously built forms. But we strongly urge you to test all your existing forms for compatibly using this pre-release version prior to the final release in June. Depending on how your forms are built, you may need to adjust some of the following:

1. Column widths in certain Grid, Table, and Questionnaire containers. Version 3.0 provides new “Equally spaced” and “Fit to screen width” properties to control the width of columns that work slightly differently from previous versions.

2. Which “trigger” actions are used to execute “auto-stamp” functions in Date:Time and Location widgets. These triggers must now be explicitly defined. Options include (a) when the form is first opened; (b) when a page is first opened; (c) when the form is first saved as complete, and (d) when a specified prior question is answered.

When making any of the adjustments above, please be sure to use the Build Forms > File > Open Special function to open and edit the form. This will allow you to adjust the settings above and still be able to save the form using the same name.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you had previously installed the “doForms 3.0 Pre-release” app, please be sure to switch to the normal doForms app going forward.

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