An Approval widget is a special question type that can be inserted into one or more places within a form. These approvals are not displayed in the doForms mobile app, but they are displayed in the View Data tab. From there the approval status can then be changed by the responsible Web User, and the data record is “stamped” with that specific Web User’s login ID. This stamp cannot be edited and serves as a digital signature.

Adding the Approval widget is as simple as using a “drag and drop” motion to place on the form canvas. 


The Approval question widget includes the following special properties that you can use to control the look and behavior of Approval:

Caption text - Refers to the question caption as presented to the user. Think of this as the title for the question; it should be self-descriptive. We recommend no more than three words for optimal display on mobile devices.

Hint - Additional help for the question will be displayed; short clear sentences work best. Use 80 characters or less for optimal display on mobile devices. The maximum number of characters is 500, including spaces. The following HTML formatting tags are currently recognized:

Android: <br>, <i>, <b>, <u>, <font color="xxx">, <H1>, <H2>, <H3>, <H4>, <H5>, <P>, <a>, <div>;
iOS: <br>;
PDF reports: <br>, <font color="xxx">.

Data name - Represents the name of the data that will be displayed in column headings. This property is automatically filled in based on the Caption Text but may be modified in the properties area. We recommend one or two word data names to keep column headings short. The maximum number of characters is 30. Spaces are not permitted in the Data Name field. 

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