Automatically Get Driving Directions Right From the doForms App


doForms can now automatically launch maps and give you driving directions to your customer at the tap of a button. This new feature takes the destination address either from a lookup or text field and then captures your current location. doForms then opens Maps and automatically gives you directions to your destination.

Start by adding an Action Button to your form.

Next, choose “Launch Google Maps” as the action. Choose the input type, input source, relevant question and output type. The “Relevant question” should be the field that contains the customer/destination address that will be used in Google Maps.

After you publish the form, open it on your mobile device. Once there is an address in the “Address” field, you can tap the “Get Directions” Action Button you created.

As you can see, doForms opens Google Maps and provides you with driving directions starting from your current location.


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    Jacob McAbee

    Does this feature work with lat/lon inputs? I get an address error when I try it?

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    Hi Jacob - Lat/long inputs work. What is your account and project/form name? We need to check on your individual form. Thanks, Duong.

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