Using a Form to Store Data for Lookups


Written by John Darienzo

There are two ways to create a data source for a lookup. One is to upload your data from a file, and the other is to create a form to store your data. We advise that you create a project called "Data" and then place all your data store forms in the Data project only.

Once you create the form, use the View Data tab to open the form. You can then import data from an Excel spreadsheet or you can import data from a CSV file. You can also use the Add data option under the data tab to manually type data into the form.

Notes: When you create a CSV file or an Excel Spreadsheet for importing, make sure that the first row of each column has the data name from the form you created: ex. Customer_Name. You cannot have any spaces in the name.


When you are done building your form and adding your data, make sure you go to Build Forms and Use the Resources tab to Manage your lookup data. Add the data source by selecting the Use form button and make sure you click on Update automatically. By doing so, anytime you change the data in the form, those changes will be updated on the mobile devices automatically.

Keep in mind that you can also use the Retrieve function to update data in a form that is used as a data source. For example, you can build a form that manages all company assets; this form can be used to collect data on each asset, the asset data can be used as a data source in other forms and if you retrieve an asset record and update it, the change will automatically be updated on your mobile devices.

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