Using a Table to Create a Checklist


Written by Nick Legg

When you build a table with doForms you can add many components which ultimately become columns in your table. Each row under the column header is a blank cell waiting for input.

With doForms it’s possible to prefill your first column with data creating in effect a checklist. As an example, let’s say you want to create a time sheet and you wanted Sunday – Saturday listed down the left side or first column of the table.

First you need to create a lookup data source that has the data you want in the checklist. So in this example, the data in your data source would contain the 7 days of the week. Next, you need to add a lookup into your table and it must be the first item in the table. Finally, you must set the Use Checklist parameter in the table properties. The result is that the system will automatically create for you a 7 row table with the days of the week listed down the side.

Click on Jump over checklist column in Question View if you do not want the user to be presented the checklist cell when entering data.

If you want the checklist sorted in a specific order, view the tip on sorting checklists in a table.

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