Accessing Your doForms Web Portal


Whn you sign up for a doForms account, a web portal dashboard is automatically created for you. Your doForms web dashboard is a secure web-based application and this is where you go to build forms, send dispatches, view and export data, create custom reports, and much more.


You must have one of the following to access the your doForms web dashboard:

  • Internet Explorer Version 11 or greater, or
  • Firefox Version 38 or greater, or
  • Chrome Version 40 or greater, or
  • Safari Version 9 or greater.

Website performance will vary with the speed of your internet connection and form size.

Sign in

To login to your doForms web dashboard:

Website Privileges

If you are the person who ordered the doForms account, then you are by default the “Administrator”.

Administrators have access to all website functions and features. Other privilege levels are as follows:

Read only – Access to view data only.

New & Edit – Access to view, add, edit, delete and export data.


View abandoned data – Access to view data for forms removed from projects.

Sign out

There are two ways to logout:

·         Click Sign out at the top right of the header


·         Close the browser.

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