Workflow Approvals


Workflow approvals are a special question type that can be inserted in one or more places within a form in the Build Forms tab. These approvals are not displayed in the doForms mobile app, but they are displayed in the View Data tab. The approval status can then be changed by the responsible Web User, and the data record is “stamped” with that specific Web User’s login ID. This stamp cannot be edited and serves as a digital approval signature. 

If you are the individual that is responsible for approving form submissions:

  • Log in into your doForms website.
  • Select a project/form in the View Data tab.
  • Navigate to the desired row and select Row Menu > Edit.
  • Navigate to the Approval column.
  • Click on the drop-down menu and select “pending”, “approved” or “rejected”.  The corresponding status will be stamped with your user ID.

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