Bulk Dispatch


The “Bulk Dispatch” feature is used to dispatch more than one form at a time to a mobile worker. Suppose your company uses separate forms for work orders and customer satisfaction forms and you would like to be able to send both of these forms out to your mobile worker pre-populated with the same customer information.  If the forms reside in the same project then the bulk dispatch feature will allow you to do this. To use the bulk dispatch feature:

  • Click on the Options menu and select “Bulk Dispatch”. The Bulk Dispatch wizard will be displayed in a pop-up window.
  • In Step 1 of the wizard, select the project that contains the forms you wish to dispatch (they must be in the same project). Select the forms you wish to dispatch. Click the Next button.
  • In Step 2, the wizard will present any fields that are common to the selected forms. Enter any common values that you wish to pre-fill in the selected forms. Click the Next button.
  • In Step 3 of the wizard, select the mobile number or nickname of the device that you wish to dispatch the selected form to. Then select one of the Save options.
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