Making Changes to a Form Without Having to Change its Name


If you use Build Forms > File> Open,  make edits to a form, then use Save Form As > Published, a new name will need to be assigned to the form. This is because every version of a form corresponds to a specific data table structure. So, for example, if you add or delete questions, or change a Repeatable Section, the underlying data table structure changes, and hence a new data table needs to be set up in which data can be stored.

However, there are instances where very “light edits” can be made to a form without affecting the data table structure. This may be done using the Build Forms > File> Open Special option, from where light edits may be performed, and from where you can Build Forms > File > Save with the same form name. In these cases, the collected data will continue to be stored in the same data structure and same data table. 

Light edits are defined operations that DO NOT:

  • Change the “data_name” of any existing question;
  • Add new questions;
  •  Delete questions.

IMPORTANT: If you open a previously published form with the File > Open Special option , then be sure to use the File > Save option to save the changes using the same form name and same data table (do not use File > Save as…).

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