Setting Record Names


Written by Bill Bauer Jr.

While you can name your form “My Dispatch Form”, you would not want your mobile employee to get a list of jobs that all say “My Dispatch Form”. Nor would you want the form to be identified by the customer, address, job date, or priority. This also applies when saving forms in PDF format, as an example. You would not want a bunch of files all called My Form(1).pdf. You would want the file name to be Jim’s Discount 10 4 13 200 Vale Ave.pdf. Now you can look in your file directory and tell what that PDF is referring to.

You can accomplish this by creating a record name for your form. Once you build a form, click on the Options tab in the form building screen and select Record Names.  You will get the screen below with a list of all the fields in your form.

Simply move fields into the Record name section on the left using the arrows. If the form is a dispatch form, make sure you only pick fields that will be filled in by the dispatcher, otherwise they will be blank when they appear on the mobiles dispatch list.

Once you have completed picking the fields, hit Save and you’re done.

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