Tuning Your Form to Capture GPS Readings


GPS requires line of sight to the sky. Now, this does not mean it will not work inside, but it does mean that the more things between you and the sky will certainly degrade your reading accuracy. doForms is set to capture readings within 5 meters, but this level of accuracy may not always be attainable. The problem is that the system will sit there and try to get a reading of 5 meters until it is successful. While this happens, you will see a message on your device that tells you the level of accuracy the system is detecting. If you want to speed up the time it takes to obtain a reading and if significant accuracy is not a requirement, then you can set the GPS range by checking the Enable box and resetting the GPS parameters. We suggest a minimum error of 500 meters and a maximum error of 1000 meters when you are indoors. This does not mean your GPS location will always be off by 500 meters. It just means that if the first reading you get is 28 meters, it will automatically accept the reading.

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    Kurt Lebo

    Location data is of particular interest to the data we collect. We have successfully augmented both our IOS and Android devices with external GPS devices. The devices override the internal GPS of these devices and provide sub 1 meter accuracy. The two units we are using are ISXblue II GNSS and Trimble R1 GNSS receivers.

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