IMPORTANT: The Account tab is available to doForms users with Admin privileges only.

Manage Your Account

Update Contact Information – Use this to update the Administrator contact information for your doForms account. Note that these changes may take up to 72 hours.

Update Billing Information – Use this to update the credit card billing address information for your doForms account. Note that these changes may take up to 72 hours.

Upgrade Account (only visible in free account) – Use this to upgrade from a free Standard account to a paid Professional or Dispatch. Note that these changes may take up to 72 hours.

Change Account Type – Use this to change between Standard, Professional and Dispatch account types. Note that these changes may take up to 72 hours.

Add Mobile Units – Use this to increase the number of mobile units supported by your account. Note that these changes may take up to 72 hours.

Subtract Mobile Units – Use this to decrease the number of mobile units supported by your account. Note that these changes may take up to 72 hours.

Cancel Account – Use this to update cancel your doForms account. Please note that this can take up to 72 hours. You will receive a confirmation email when it is complete. Please be sure that you export any data that you wish to save before cancelling. Your data will be deleted from our servers after 30 days. If you wish to cancel your cancellation, you may do so within 30 days by contacting us at

Manage Your Website

Web Services – The Web Services tab is the place where you manage web services which expose the data in your doForms account for use with other IT systems.  doForms Web Services can be accessed using any program that supports SOAP web services. doForms web services are organized on a per-form basis. When a form is added to the Web Services tab, doForms assigns a [WSID] and a [password] for accessing the form data. Please see the doForms Integration Guide for further information on using the Web Services. This guide can be found at:

Company NoticesUse this to create and publish text notices that will be visible to both website users and users of mobile devices. These notices are very useful for pushing out important information or urgent warnings. The on/off controls at the top determine if website and/or mobile notices are to be displayed. Be sure to click the Save button when making a change to the top section. To add a new notice, click the Add button beneath the existing notices. Type your notice.  The "Title" will be shown in the mobile app notice alert bar.  Use the "More ..." field to enter an optional URL for additional information.  Enter an "Expiry Date". Designate if the notice is to be displayed on the website and/or mobile units. Be sure to click the Save button when done.  Read more ....

Savings Calculations – Use this FREE tool to calculate money savings and to calculate carbon savings by using mobile data forms instead of paper forms. The results of these calculations are displayed at the bottom of your doForms website for all your users to see. Use this option to fine-tune your dollar savings calculations by adjusting your labor costs, overhead percentages and other parameters. Refine the way you calculate CO2 savings by adjusting carbon life cycle parameters.  Methodologies vary, so please feel free to contact us and suggest additional ways by which to calculate carbon savings, that you would like to see us implement. Be sure to click the Save button when done. You may also reset the “form count” that the calculations are based on. Resetting the form count will set all the cumulative cash, CO2 and tree saving values to zero. The savings will then start accruing as new forms are received.

Website Setup Wizard – Use this to launch the Website Setup Wizard.

Change Website Branding – [paid accounts only] Use this to replace the doForms logo used in the website with one of your choosing. The logo image must be in JPG, PNG or GIF format. Size should be 320 px wide x 72 px tall. Use a transparent background or set the background color to Dark Blue - #1B79F1 (RGB= 27, 121, 241). Other colors used throughout the website are Light Blue - #22B0F1 (RGB= 34, 176, 241) and Light Green - #36AA36 (RGB= 54, 170, 54). Read more ...

Change Unlock Timeout – [Dispatch accounts only] Use this to change the period of time after which form records in the View Data tab are unlocked by the Retrieve Function.  Locked records will be automatically unlocked after the specified time so that other mobile users can retrieve them. Note that locked records are also unlocked whenever a mobile user sends the retrieved record back to the website.

Time Zone Settings – [paid accounts only] Use this to set the time zone for your doForms website. All time data will be displayed in the designated time zone to all users of the website. Use the “Daylight Savings Time” option to further control the time zone. Be sure to click the Save button after making a change. Note that these settings only affect the display and reporting of Date:Time information. The underlying data is always stored in UTC/GMT.

Manage Your Mobiles

Mobile App UI Customization – [paid accounts only] doForms provides the ability to control most aspects of the mobile app user interface (UI);  including company logo, form icons, menu bar layout, background and text colors, and more.   This allows you to create your own mobile app UI that is specific to your own business applications, like the one illustrated on the right below.  Note the color changes.  Note how the “Projects” button has been replaced with an “Industry” button.  Note how the standard doForms forms icons have been replaced with custom icons and titles.  And don’t forget to add your own title graphic logo.  Read more ...

Device Settings – [paid accounts only] Provides the ability to control your users’ doForms mobile app settings remotely. See next page for full list of remotely controllable settings. Note that each section provides an option to prevent mobile users from changing the corresponding settings on their mobile device. Be sure to click the Save button after making a change.  Read more ...


Read more about using Device Settings to customize the doForms user experience.


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