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doForms provides “smart-forms” for smartphones and tablets - everything you need in a turn-key, all-in-one, reliable, secure, and fully hosted mobile data collection solution. Supported data and function widgets include:

  • Section labels;
  • Textual data;
  • Numeric data;
  • Calculations;
  • Payment;
  • Date:time;
  • Single choice answers;
  • Multiple choice answers;
  • Category scores;
  • Lookup tables;
  • Action buttons;
  • Barcode scanning;
  • NFC scanning;
  • Signatures;
  • Sketches;
  • Pictures;
  • Video recording;
  • Audio notes;
  • GPS locations;
  • Approvals;
  • Forward;
  • Email reports.

These data entry widgets can be displayed individually or formatted using the following “containers”:

  • Page;
  • Table;
  • Grid;
  • Questionnaire;
  • Repeatable Section.

doForms Mobile App

doForms mobile data collection software works with a wide selection of popular iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Unlike all browser-based forms, our mobile data collection software (or "mobile forms app") enables your workers to operate in both connected and disconnected environments. This is critical for workers in rural areas or urban settings with cellular dead spots.

Imagine using your mobile data collection software to instantly take a picture, then sketch on top of it to illustrate something of interest; or to scan the barcodes of materials being delivered to a job site. Imagine recording audio notes and video clips and embedding them right in your electronic mobile data collection forms. Or using the GPS to precisely record a location. Think about the increased speed and accuracy of reporting.

doForms provides a flexible, fast and easy solution to deploying mobile data collection forms to your workers - anywhere in the world. And the mobile forms on your workers' smartphone and tablet devices are automatically synchronized and remotely kept up-to-date. Control who gets which mobile data collection forms. Remotely control who can view or change the incoming data. doForms centralizes this control on a website dashboard to save time and money.

For paid accounts, your doForms mobile app can be branded using your company name and graphics.

doForms Website

doForms provides a fully integrated website for aggregating, sorting, querying, viewing and managing mobile forms data being collected by your workers. If GPS coordinates are included, your mobile forms data can be viewed on top of an interactive map. The website keeps track of which workers collected which mobile forms data. The website makes it easy to export mobile forms data to your other business applications and to integrate your mobile forms data in real time with other IT systems by using web services.

Use our off-the-shelf mobile data collection forms library. Or create your own mobile forms using the most powerful, yet easy-to-use, form creation software available. Our form builder provides simple and intuitive user interfaces for building mobile forms. You don't need to be a specialist to use our form creation software. You just need to have an understanding of what you want your mobile data collection software to do. With doForms, anyone with office software experience can create their own mobile data collection forms for smartphones and tablets. With doForms, there is no need for software programmers to build your mobile forms or IT support staff to deploy them.

doForms allows easy exporting of mobile forms information to other business applications such as Microsoft Excel, Open Office and Google Docs. Export options are also provided for CSV, HTML and PDF file formats. Additionally, doForms also provides for direct integration of your mobile forms with CRM, database and GIS systems, such as, Oracle, SAP and ArcGIS, through the use of industry-standard SOAP web services. These web services can be set up and deployed in a matter of minutes with no software programmers involved.

For paid accounts, your doForms website and mobile app can be branded using your company name and graphics.

doForms Dispatch

doForms Dispatch provides powerful dispatch forms and work order forms functionality. These special purpose forms contain important information to tell mobile workers where to go (dispatch) and what to do when they get there (work order). As your mobile workers complete their assigned tasks, doForms let them fill out data fields in the form, take pictures, capture GPS locations and collect signatures. The completed data records are then sent back to you.

In addition to sending and receiving forms from your workers, doForms Dispatch also tracks their current and past GPS locations, and these locations are plotted on an interactive map in the Dispatch tab. You can select which workers to view, as well as the time interval. The map also shows the locations where forms were filled out.

Your doForms website account provides a specialized Dispatch tab where dispatch forms and work order forms can be filled out, managed, scheduled and sent to your mobile workers. The data sent back from your workers is also viewed in this tab, as well as the status of their assigned job. And your workers' past and present locations are shown on a map in this tab.

Dispatch data can also be sent from your existing dispatch and work order system, and forwarded via our Sync & Save to your doForms equipped mobile devices. Similarly, the competed forms can be sent from the mobile devices, and forwarded to your existing dispatch and work order system. Sync & Save makes this integration simple and quick.

Finally, Dispatch accounts provide the ability for mobile users to “Retrieve” previously sent data from the website, work on it, then send it back to the website.  Imagine a situation where you have one mobile worker who fills out a form, and a different mobile worker who needs to approve the job record. Or imagine a field medicine scenario where different specialists need to add information to a patient record.

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