Tracking Map


In addition to sending  and receiving forms from your workers, doForms Dispatch also tracks their current and past GPS locations, and these locations are plotted on an interactive map in the Dispatch tab. You can select which workers to view, as well as the time interval. The map also shows the locations where forms were filled out.

To view the tracking map click on the View menu, then select Tracking Map.


  • Be sure that the tracking interval on each mobile device is set to a non-zero interval.
  • The tracking function on the mobile device will continue to send GPS coordinates when doForms Dispatch is running in the background (e.g., you open another program without “exiting doForms”).
  • The tracking function will be suspended if the mobile device goes to sleep (screen turns off).


Select a duration over which to display tracks. Locations are saved for up to 72 hours, then automatically deleted from the doForms website. The last reported location will always be displayed as the largest circular icon for each mobile device.



Track Colors

Select a color scheme for each mobile device listed in the Tracking Map. 




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