Sorting and Querying Data


Sorting and Filtering Data

You can sort data alphabetically or numerically by clicking the column headings (e.g., ”integer question”).

To filter what data is displayed in the list view:

  • Click the Data menu and select “Show Data Filter”.
  • Use search boxes, range boxes and drop down menus in most columns to define a “filter”.
  • Click Apply to apply the filter. The resulting list view will contain just those records that meet the constraints of the filter (we refer to this subset of data records as the “Current Query”). 
  • Click Clear if you wish to clear the filter and display all records.
  • Click Hide to hide the filter.

IMPORTANT:The doForms website has limited capability to do complicated filtering of large data sets. When these limits are reached, a warning dialog will be displayed. In this case, please try selecting a narrower “Date Range” at the top of the page, then repeat the steps above. If you exceed these limits but still need to perform complicated filtering, then please contact for information about overcoming these limitations.

IMPORTANT: In addition to controlling which data records will be displayed in the list view, the “Current Query” that results from the filter operation also controls which data records will be printed, exported and mapped.

Current Query

The combined specifications of the Data Range and Filter result in a subset of form data being displayed. This subset is referred to as the Current Query. Note that all the operations in the File menu are performed on the Current Query. So, for example, if you use the File > Save as the option to export data, it will be the data records in the Current Query that are exported. Similarly, if you use the View > Map View option, it will be the data records in the Current Query that are mapped.


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