What is the "Web App"?


The Web App is similar to the Android and iOS mobile apps except that it runs in an Internet browser and requires a constant Internet connection.  

Additionally, the Web App: (1) does not support direct GPS connection - but you can type in GPS coordinates; (2) does not support direct capture of images, videos and audios - but you can upload media files; and (3) does not support direct barcode and NFC reading - but you can type in the values.

Other than the constraints above, the Web App supports most Forms question types, containers and logic. So any form you build for your mobile devices will also run on the Web App and vice versa. See http://www.doforms.com/compare-features for more widget compatibility information.

The Web App is sold on a "forms submitted" transaction basis. Each new paid doForms account starts with a credit balance of 10 X the number of mobile units.  Additional transaction credits will be sold as follows:

  • 100 credits for US$35;
  • 500 credits for US$150;
  • 1,000 credits for US$250;
  • 5,000 credits for US$1,000;
  • 10,000 credits for US$1,500.

When one of the above credit packages is purchased, notification emails will be sent to the doForms account administrator when the credit balance drops to 20 percent, 10 percent and zero.

Click here for information on using the web app.

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