Understanding Forms, Projects & Mobile Licenses


doForms is designed from the ground up to make it easy to manage your mobile workers. We do this by providing two tiers of control:

Forms are organized into ProjectsThink of the projects in literal terms (i.e., a job folder) or in organizational terms (e.g., a job function). For example, if you are a construction manager, you might want to group all the forms pertaining to a certain building in one project. Or, if you are a medical clinic, you might want to group all the forms used by your traveling nurses. Now here is the most important part – any form can be assigned to more than one project! This allows you to maintain a set of standardized forms that can be assigned to specific job folders or job functions. Projects are managed in the web portal by going to Manage > Projects.

Projects are subscribed out to the Mobile licenses – Any project can be subscribed out to any number of mobile licenses. And the mobile licenses do not need to subscribe to the same projects. Following through with our examples above, the project pertaining to a certain building can be subscribed out to just those workers at that job site. And the traveling nurse project can just be subscribed out to your traveling nurses. This level of control allows you to control who gets which projects and which forms. Mobile license subscriptions are managed in Manage > Mobile App Users.

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