Emailing Reports from the Mobile App


The Email Report widget allows you to email the completed form as a PDF or Excel report to one or more recipients in addition to sending it to your doForms website.  The email is sent automatically when the completed form is sent and received by your doForms website.  You can use the “Default” property to pre-populate email addresses.  Use commas to separate multiple addresses. 

In order to email a report from the doForms mobile app, you must insert an “Email Report” question widget into the form when building it.  The position of the “Email Report” question widget in the form does not matter.  The PDF will be sent at the same time as the completed form is sent to your doForms website.  To add an “Email Report” question widget into the form:

  • Open the form in the Build Forms tab.
  • Drag and drop the Email Report question widget into the desired location.
  • Change the Report Settings in the widget as desired.
  • Save your form when done.

NOTE:  Report Settings are applied on a widget-by-widget basis. This means that you can set different templates and output types for different Email Report widgets contained in a single from. For example, you might want to have a full report with all fields in Excel format that is emailed internally to your organization, but you want a different set of fields in a PDF format emailed to customers. You can achieve this by including separate Email Report widgets in the form with different report settings.


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