Generating PDF Output From Website


To print, email or save individual PDF documents for one record at one time:

  • Go to the View Data tab and select the desired form.
  • Click on the Row Menu of the row that you wish to print, email or save as a PDF (the Row menu is the little box with the down arrow at the left of each row).
  • Select PDF Report.
  • A new window will open with a Print Preview (make sure pop-ups are not blocked in your browser).
  • At the top of the new window you can select either Print, Save or Email.

To create and save individual PDF documents for multiple records at one time:

  • Select the records by checking them in the View Data tab.
  • Click on the Data menu and select “PDF Report all Selected”.
  • What steps happen from here will depend on your browser type and version, but you will be able to save PDF reports for the checked records onto your local computer without the need to do so individually.



IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your web browser is set to “Allow Pop-ups” from your doForms website in order to view the Print Preview.

IMPORTANT: The current upper limit on the size of a single PDF file is 15 MB. If you exceed this limit, doForms may replace inserted picture with HTTP:// links to the picture in order to reduce file size.



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