An Image tool allows the user to take a photograph, and to point out relevant information by sketching on top of the image. You can also allow users to pull from existing images on their device—this is controlled by selecting the option to "Allow existing images" to be selected.

There is no technical upper limit on the number of image files that can be inserted into a single form, however, we recommend you restrict the number of pictures in a single form and/or training your users to use a lower camera resolution when taking pictures, as forms that surpass 35 MB cause the doForms application to run much slower. All images will be saved in the JPEG format.

Camera resolution options vary by device, so please refer to your device user manual.


Caption text - The caption is used in most cases to ask the question. In others it may be a column heading. This is a required field. Please keep in mind that captions will wrap when form elements do not fit within the width of the screen. It is important to consider how your captions will be displayed. Captions on a larger screen might look perfect, but on a smaller device, they may be forced to wrap several times. In this situations, smaller captions should be used where possible.

Data name - Since the data name is a required field, doForms will default the data name to the caption/label. If this field is blank doForms will provide a generic name with a sequential number. We recommend that you provide a descriptive data name that is easily identifiable. The data name is used throughout the system and non-descript names can make it difficult to select the item you need for example when performing a calculation.

Hint - Providing additional information on how a question should be answered can be achieved easily using the Hint option. The text for hints is smaller the caption. The maximum number of characters supported is 500, including spaces.

Appearance - Determines the the colors and themes used with the tool and how you can Styling your form.

Remove Space - When selected the space Above or Below the tool is Removed. When styling the form this help provide continuity with the layout.

Read only

  • Read only In mobile app Determines whether or not this field can be edited within the mobile, web apps and the View Data tab.

  • Read only when dispatching Determines if this field can be edited in the Dispatch tab or not.


  • In mobile app Whether this field must be filled-in when completing the form in the mobile app or web app.

  • When dispatching Whether this field must be filled-in when dispatching the form.

  • Allows existing image to be selected Whether the picture may be selected from and existing image.


Only display this question if
This is a very powerful option as it allows you basically hide form elements only exposing them if the answer to a question in your form meets the criteria you have set. For example if you have a choose one question with the answers yes and no than you can say only display this question if the answer to the choose one is equal to yes. You can even combine other criteria like and color is not equal to red. Being to hide fields unless they are needed makes form more user friendly.

Jump to
This option allows you to navigate the user to a specific location in the form based on how they answer the current question.

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