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GPS Location

GPS Location allows the user to record their current GPS map coordinate. This data includes latitude and longitude, and altitude and accuracy (on some mobile devices).

Note that in low-connectivity situations it may not be possible to acquire a GPS signal. In this instance the Searching for Satellites message will display indefinitely. If this happens press Cancel, move to a more open location, and try again.

The achievable GPS accuracy will depend on your hardware, location and surroundings. In most cases, the best achievable accuracy will be around 3 meters. doForms is programmed to automatically stop refining the GPS position when an accuracy of 5 meters has been achieved. Altitude readings are generally accurate to +/- 25 meters on most consumer devices.


Caption text - The caption is used in most cases to ask the question. In others it may be a column heading. This is a required field. Please keep in mind that captions will wrap when form elements do not fit within the width of the screen. It is important to consider how your captions will be displayed. Captions on a larger screen might look perfect, but on a smaller device, they may be forced to wrap several times. In this situations, smaller captions should be used where possible.

Hint - Providing additional information on how a question should be answered can be achieved easily using the Hint option. The text for hints is smaller the caption. The maximum number of characters supported is 500, including spaces.

Data name - Since the data name is a required field, doForms will default the data name to the caption/label. If this field is blank doForms will provide a generic name with a sequential number. We recommend that you provide a descriptive data name that is easily identifiable. The data name is used throughout the system and non-descript names can make it difficult to select the item you need for example when performing a calculation.

Auto-Stamp - Automatically retrieves gps data without user intervention.

Allow Edit option - Allows a user to retake their readings for corrections.

Maximum Error (in meters) - Lowering this number will improve position accuracy but may increase GPS acquisition time significantly. Please remember that accuracy is based on line of sight to the sky. So use a higher number if requesting GPS in building and other areas with obstructions.

Appearance - doForms allows you to set a default set of appearance parameters. This eliminates the need for you to have to set colors and other parameters each time you add an element to your form. You can however override the default settings for any tool by simply picking the Custom option. You can also edit the default by clicking on the edit defaults option.

Remove Space - This parameter is used to remove the space just before and just after the tool. By removing space two elements can be made to appear linked or as a single element.

Read only - The read only option is provided to address a specific circumstance. It allows you to treat dispatchers and mobile users differently so that you can set rules for each independent of the other. One may be allowed to edit a field and the other may not be allowed to edit a field.

Required - The required option is provided to address a specific circumstance. It allows you to treat dispatchers and mobile users differently so that you can set rules for each independent of the other. What is not required for one can be required for the other.

Auto-stamp - Use this property for automatically inserting GPS stamps inside a form. When using the Location Auto-stamp, be sure to choose your GPS minimum error and maximum error “Range” values carefully. In most cases these should be set to 50 meters and 300 meters respectively to ensure that the auto-stamp function can occur quickly with minimum delay for the mobile user.

Auto-stamp trigger - Specifies what action will trigger the auto-stamp. Options include (1) Trigger when a specified question is answered for the first time; (2) Trigger when a specified page is opened for the first time; (3) Trigger when the form is opened for the first time; and (4) Trigger when the form is saved as "complete" for the first time.

Question trigger - Used to specify which prior question will trigger the auto-stamp.

Hide in website Check this option if you wish to hide the widget in the View Data and Dispatch tabs of the website.

Hide In mobile app Check this option if you wish to make the widget invisible in the mobile app. You might want to do this so the mobile user cannot change the value, or if the value is being used in some intermediate calculation or logical expression.


Only display this question if
This is a very powerful option as it allows you basically hide form elements only exposing them if the answer to a question in your form meets the criteria you have set. For example if you have a choose one question with the answers yes and no than you can say only display this question if the answer to the choose one is equal to yes. You can even combine other criteria like and color is not equal to red. Being to hide fields unless they are needed makes form more user friendly.

Jump to
This option allows you to navigate the user to a specific location in the form based on how they answer the current question.


  • In cases where doForms detects that GPS hardware is not available on the mobile device, Location Capture questions will be skipped automatically. This can also occur when the GPS has not been enabled. Please make sure to enable the Location Services on your mobile device if you wish to use this tool.
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